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Thrashers Player Told To Prepare For Franchise Move, According To Radio Host

Not everything said by radio hosts comes to fruition, as you may have gathered, but here's one more for what it's worth: Greg Brady of Toronto's The Fan 590 says he received a text from an unnamed Atlanta Thrashers player in which said player claims he was told to expect a major franchise relocation announcement soon. (But told by whom? By ownership itself or just by his agent?)

According to Brady, the player was told "two weeks ago" to expect a move to be announced before the Stanley Cup Finals end. If true, that would mean the Atlanta Spirit Group's efforts to find a local buyer gave out nearly a month ago.

The deal isn't official of course -- the NHL would still need to approve, as Brady acknowledges. But add this to the growing pile of sentiment (gross!) that the Thrashers may be leaving Atlanta, and if they do, it will be announced very soon.

Things are looking worse by the hour for Atlanta hockey fans.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.