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TSN Not Reporting Winnipeg Thrashers Announcement, Despite Twitter Rumor

Trolling Twitter is pretty easy, as Atlanta Thrashers fans and Winnipeg hockey fans alike have been reminded of several times Thursday. Just after lunch time someone named Parminder Sahota tweeted the following: "TSN reporting that Thrashers to Winnipeg will be announced tomorrow at 1pm at the MTS centre." This obviously caught fire and spread all around North American Twitter.

Here is TSN's website. Do you see the word Thrashers anywhere? How about WinnipegHere's TSN's Twitter account -- nothing there, either. Apparently TSN is not reporting the Thrashers will be announced as moving to Winnipeg on Friday, though of course that is a widely speculated date for such a potential announcement.

It's fun to pretend to play reporter, I assume, but this would all go a lot more smoothly if people didn't present as truth every little thing a fellow fan makes up.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.