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AJC's Jeff Schultz Wonders If The NHL's Abandoning The Thrashers With Their Silence

Jeff Schultz hits the nail on the head with his scathing statement regarding Gary Bettman’s odd silence on the situation concerning the Thrashers’ and their sale/impending move to the tundra. Even as deputy commissioner Bill Daly issued his statement of denial, Bettman has been oddly silent on the entire issue. With how much effort he put in to save the Coyotes, Lightning, Predators, Penguins, and Buffalo, does it not strike people as odd that he is as mum as possible on this issue.

Says Schultz on the issue,

When asked by Yahoo why the NHL is fighting for Phoenix, Bettman responded, “Because we fight hard for every city. … Because we have a covenant with our fans, and our fans need to know that we will stand by them as long as possible and that we don’t just run out.”

Great speech. Not sure how much it carries in terms of substance.

I’m getting a visual of water running through a colander.

That’s funny, Jeff, because that’s how most hockey fans’ve seen Bettman on many issues. Would you like to know what’ll plug that colander? Jim Balsillie. He’s made Bettman fight for many franchises. How about introducing Gary’s arch-nemesis here, too?

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.