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Atlanta Thrashers Sale This Weekend A Possibility, According To Report

Now that the Atlanta Hawks are out of the NBA playoffs, the Atlanta Thrashers situation we outlined Thursday looks to be falling into place -- things look to be moving quickly, as the Atlanta Business Chronicle's citation of an 11 Alive report that a sale could come this weekend shows.

Whether that's a sale to Winnipeg's True North or a sale to a local buyer isn't specified, but based on the way Thrashers ownership has been talking, the former sounds far more likely.

A refresher: the Atlanta Spirit Group wants to retain ownership of the Hawks and its stake in Philips Arena while unloading the Thrashers. Several interested local buyers have come forward, but apparently nobody who can produce the estimated and reported $110 million it would take to keep the Thrashers in town. One potential buyer ("The Balkan," as he's been code-named by Atlanta media) reportedly wants to pick up all three properties for something like $350 million, which takes us back to the beginning of our refresher.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.