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NHL Division Realignment: If Thrashers Move, Winnipeg Could Remain In Southeast

NHL fans are extremely realignment-minded. I think I've seen more articles about the division realignment ramifications if the Atlanta Thrashers move north to Winnipeg than I have about the potential Thrashers move itself. Of course, that's partially because SB Nation's many hockey blogs are each considering the impact a move would have on their own teams and also because the move is such a foregone conclusion, but man ... you guys would have gone blind at the sight of the 1998 NFC West.

As Travis Hughes has compiled, most seem to think the hypothetical Manitoba Moose or Winnipeg Jets or whatever would be stuck in the NHL Southeast Division for a season in the event of a Thrashers relocation.

This pleases the Atlanta sports fan. If you're going to take our team, the least you can do is make it fly all over the country in unpleasant fashion. Also, Thrashers fans will have multiple opportunities to travel to Nashville, Carolina and Tampa to ... well, to support Evander Kane. Not to boo the Moosejets, of course. 

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.