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Atlanta Group Submits Offer To Buy Thrashers, According To Report

At least one of those mysterious local groups with interest in the Atlanta Thrashers isn't going down without some sort of fight: USA Today's Kevin Allen reports an Atlanta cluster has sent the Atlanta Spirit Group an offer sheet, and that the offer is a serious one. He cautions that they aren't as far along as Winnipeg's True North group is.

There's also no telling who they are (I'll bet you anything you like that the group does not include Lil Jon or Jerry Bruckheimer, though Tom Glavine's and Anson Carter's names have come up often enough that they could conceivably be involved somehow) or if they've offered anything close to that magical $110 million it's believed would be necessary to keep the team on Philips Arena ice.

This could be a spark of good news, or it could be absolutely nothing at all. Worst case, this gives ASG the capability to claim it really, really tried to find a local buyer, but the only offer wasn't high enough.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.