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Thrashers Sale, Relocation Supported By Calgary Flames Owner, Of Course

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Atlanta Thrashers fan, you should've known you'd find no friend in the Calgary Flames in this relocation saga. You may recall that franchise already let Atlanta for Canada once. The Globe and Mail quotes Murray Edwards, Flames owner and very important NHL person, as coming out in support of a potential Thrashers relocation to Winnipeg.

Why's that matter? Edwards is Calgary's representative on the league's Board of Governors, meaning it's partially up to him whether an Atlanta Spirit Group sale to True North would be accepted by the NHL. He also had this to say about the league's efforts to keep the Thrashers in Atlanta:

We spent a lot of time working with potential ownership groups in Phoenix and with current ownership in Atlanta, trying to make them prosper in those markets.

Can anyone really work with the current ownership in Atlanta? If you're inclined to believe Gary Bettman and company when they say they've done everything they can to help the Thrashers stay in Georgia, doesn't that just make the ASG look even more incompetent?

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