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AUDIO: Stewart Cink Lets Thrashers Fans Have It On NHL Radio Show: 'Disappointing And Frustrating'

Noted Atlanta Thrashers supporter Stewart Cink isn't happy about the the team likely moving to Winnipeg, as he very clearly expressed in a Thursday interview with NHL HOME ICE on SiriusXM Radio [Audio of Cink's interview here
via @JoshRimerHockey]. First, his thoughts on the team's potentially relocation:

I think I was in denial forever whenever I heard the rumors and thought it would never happen, but then after speaking to some people inside the organization it's a real possibility and no one really knows what's going to happen so its got me really scared.

I've seen lots of Thrashers fans urging Cink to look into buying the team over the past few days, but it sounds like he's had it up to here with Thrashers fans as it is. Now here's the rough part:

It's disappointing and frustrating that the city of Atlanta didn't step up and put it's money where it's mouth is when we're talking about buying tickets. That's what's disappointing the most to me is that we go down there and bust our butt to get down there for the start of the game and more then half the crowd isn't even there till near the end of the first period.

What does that tell the team?  Are they going to play hard every night for fans that don't even show up till there's 5 minutes left in the first period? That's disappointing to me. It's disappointing to me to see the fans continue to be nonchalant about the games and not support the team. 

If it's your team you support them if you win or lose.  And they haven't been very successful but it's still disappointing.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.