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Lil Jon Denies Thrashers Ownership Rumors, To Disappointment Of Everyone Everywhere

As we've been saying for a couple days now, Lil Jon will not buy the Atlanta Thrashers. It was a fun rumor, and one that sort of made sense considering his noted fandom and above-average income, but, as Chris Vivlamore shared, the rapper has officially denied the story to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Melissa Ruggieri.

Lil Jon on the matter: 

I love the Thrashers, but I'm not investing in them. The one good thing about that rumor is that it's stirring up a lot of people talking and saying we gotta keep them here.

He does have a great point. This rumor has given the Thrashers more local publicity than they've been able to get in months, if not years. Of course, it's probably too little and far too late for any of that to matter. However, Atlanta does have hundreds of rappers left. If they all band their wealth ...

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.