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Thrashers Fan Club President Goes On Calgary Radio To Plead Fans' Plight

In case you were unaware, the Atlanta Thrashers' have an official fan club, which happens to be the largest in the NHL at more than 700 members. This entire saga with the impending sale of the team and possible relocation has been more than stressful on fan club president Lisa Lewis, who is tiring of the common "Atlanta has no fanbase/the fans suck" line (thank you, Stewart Cink).


Lisa (along with several club members) were on Calgary's AM 770 CHQR last night to discuss the situation here. While she's the official president of the fan club, Lewis probably cannot let loose with what Thrasher fans might like to hear, it's still good to hear her give the talk radio hosts the good what for when it comes to sticking up for Thrasher fans and the organization. She completely sets the hosts straight on attendance and the numbers of fans in Atlanta.


There is no audio to embed and download, so to hear Lisa you have to head to their audio vault page, select 5/17/2011, and then choose 8:00 PM as the hour that she was on. The interview starts about eight minutes in or so.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.