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Winnipeg Mocking Thrashers Fans, Saturday's Tailgate With Twitter Quotes

When you're short on actual news, media outlets are great at going to the Twitterverse for quotes from people with 36 followers. No, don't quote actual media members. Don't quote the thousands of upset Thrasher fans. Don't bother to talk to event organizers. Just find someone with little command of the English language and post their tweets as news.

Good job with that one, Winnipeg Free Press.

Listen, I know there's going to be mockery of any effort to help keep the team in Atlanta. And yeah, when you start an event via Facebook and Twitter, turnout might be a bit poor (unless, apparently, it involves Betty White). But at least look at the fans and go "hey, they're trying." Which is I'm sure will be the reaction of the viewers of TSN, because they're sending guys down to cover it. No word on any other Canadian media outlets, but there damn well better be some Atlanta media outlets there to balance them out.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.