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Thrashers' J.B. Smith Subplot Now Involves Company Named Hollywood Stake

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J.B. Smith, AKA "The Balkan," has been written off by most fans and writers as an unlikely Atlanta Thrashers buyer, but he's apparently still still interested in "keeping the Thrashers in Atlanta," according to a press release put out Thursday by his media contact Jay Clemons. No mention of the Hawks or Philips Arena, which were also supposed to be in his plans.

The press release itself heralds Smith's addition to "an independent private-equity firm" named Hollywood Stake. The only Google result I could turn up for a search of the company's name (besides the press release itself) was this website, which demands to know why your idea is worth its money, a plausibly equity firm-y query. The website was registered in August 2010 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

A question to Clemons on whether that's actually the enterprise's website hasn't been answered yet.

The release also says there's a statement on the way by Smith regarding the many accusations that have surfaced against his business practices, and Clemons says he'll make media appearances Friday.

The possibility of Smith buying the team has appeared to be non-existent for several days now, but at least he's providing a distraction during a tough time, right?

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