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VIDEO: Thrashers Move Justified By Thrashers Move, Says Linda Cohn

Let's be fair: it's not easy to talk about anything while live on TV. ESPN's Linda Cohn has been talking on TV for a long time, and is among the sports world's best at talking on TV. But since she openly rooted for the Atlanta Thrashers to be moved to Winnipeg while on Inside the NHL with Barry Melrose Thursday, we'll go ahead and note her faux pas of claiming the Thrashers should be moved because Atlanta has already lost two NHL franchises, one of which is the Thrashers, who have not been moved.

(For the record, at the moment Winnipeg has lost just as many NHL franchises as Atlanta has, which means the relocated Thrashers would immediately have to be moved back to Atlanta, and so on. Oh, the travel costs.)

Melrose opines that the team is moving, and lists several strong reasons why. Cohn, however, seems like she's had it up to here with all this hockey in Atlanta.

The video (skip to just after the 12-minute mark) and a transcript:

LC: Buy or sell: will the Atlanta Thrashers be moving to Winnipeg?

BM: I'm buying. I think there should be more teams in Canada. I think Winnipeg's got a billionaire owner that wants that team. They got a brand-new building. They want that team. And the owners in Atlanta have been trying to sell that team, or shares of that team, for a couple years now. They haven't been able to find a buyer. I think it ends up in Winnipeg.

LC: I'm buying too. Bring it on, Winnipeg. They deserve another chance. You mentioned the new arena, that's very important. And enough with Atlanta. Sorry, no offense, you're the only franchise that has lost two -- two -- remember, the Flames went to Calgary, and the Thrashers will be heading to Winnipeg. Good job by the NHL. Let's see if it happens. It's not official yet, but they're doing all the right things. Why not have another team in Canada? And another one after that, and another one after that.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.