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Thrashers 'Rally' Will Include Members Of Last Local Buyers Group

Ok, fine, it's not a rally - and frankly it's ceased being a "tailgate." I like to think of it as a "tailwake." Come, bring beer, hotdogs, and burgers - celebrate the team, hang out with your friends, wear your jersey with shorts and flip flops. Have fun. Show the NHL and Gary Bettman that we still care. More importantly, show the last local buyers that we care.

According to sources (and as much as I complain about people saying that, yes - yes I am using that phrase), the last local interested buyers group (whoever that might be) is planning on attending the select-a-seat event, which might explain why it's still on. Also, if they're there, they'll probably wonder down to the tailwake to see how many Thrashers fans are there.

So, well, why miss out on a chance not only for beer, but to also impress possible guys who could possibly buy the team (or at least prolong the agony) and to shut Gary Bettman up? It's a win win situation. Also, if you're brave enough to put money down for season tickets, I was told by my sales rep that if they move, you will get a refund.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.