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Thrashers Sale To Winnipeg Not All That Done After All, Globe And Mail Says

Winnipeg hockey fans, I am sorry. Right now you're getting just a tiny taste of what Atlanta Thrashers and Hawks fans have endured for almost a decade now. The Globe and Mail, the paper essentially owned by True North's David Thomson and the one that broke the Thursday night story that the team is packed up and ready to go, has taken a clear step back, though a small one.

Read this Friday night report carefully -- the Atlanta Spirit Group abides.

ASG and True North reportedly were negotiating late Friday night, with lawyers expecting to keep working throughout the weekend. The deal, which was described as "in place" and complete except for jots and tittles is now "complicated" and "complex" and "has yet to be finalized." And that expected Tuesday announcement of the imported Thrashers and reborn Jets? It may now be delayed.

Can't be delayed too much longer, as the NHL's unofficial deadline for announcing a relocation draws vaguely near. Hence all the working late Friday night and throughout the weekend.

This is no reason to assume the team will stay in Atlanta. However, this hints we might get the chance to watch the ASG work one last piece of despicable magic on its way out. Popcorn up, y'all.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.