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VIDEO: Veteran Atlanta Hockey Fans At Thrashers Tailgate Remember Big Wins, IHL's Knights

While walking around the event that will likely be the final tailgate Atlanta Thrashers fans get to enjoy together, I tried to get a few videos of fans telling the stories of their hockey fandom. This pair of guys was pretty awesome.

I listened to them talk about the Atlanta Knights, our dearly departed early-1990s IHL team, for at least five minutes. They reminisced on $15 seats right behind the glass, their favorite players and that team's Turner Cup win. They had a younger guy with them in an Atlanta Flames shirt, though they poked fun at him for being too young to even remember that team.

The fan on the left in this video, who was born in Rochester, New York, is a walking minor league hockey database; I'm pretty sure he could tell you the entire 1994 Knights roster if you give him a minute. Here are they are on their favorite memories of the Thrashers, with both mentioning big wins from the team's one good season, the 2006-07 playoff run:

The taller gent also mentioned being a reader of Bird Watchers Anonymous, Second City Hockey and a few of our other communities.

Right after this, bammers starting lighting s--- aflame, so I had to break away, but would've loved to have heard more.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.