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VIDEO: Thrashers Fan At 5/21 Tailgate Remembers Hockey Moments Spent With Son

A few hundred Atlanta Thrashers fans showed up outside Philips Arena Saturday afternoon, which is more than I'd hoped to see show up in support of a franchise that's already given up on its fanbase. Not all have given up on the team staying here, however; this hockey fan, who's been a resident of Atlanta for 42 years, caught my eye when I saw him walking around with a DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN sign. You get the point of the reference:

Thrashers hockey has clearly played a big role in this family's life together. The father talked about his son schooling Vancouver Canucks fans on their own players, road-tripping to various NHL games around the country, getting to see his son present an award to Andrew Ladd and more. He's doubly frustrated with the Atlanta Spirit Group, as he's an Atlanta Hawks season-ticket holder as well, a burden no one fan should have to bear.

He says he's bought 16 season tickets for this season, up from previous seasons, and that he hopes to be able to sell them cheap to get people into the building. I told him he should be put in charge of marketing if the team stays.

He also gently chastised me for writing that fans should boycott the select-a-seat event itself -- can't help but admire this guy's hopefulness.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.