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VIDEO: Atlanta Thrashers Player Chris Thorburn On Sale, Ownership: 'Discouraging'

FOX 5's Buck Lanford posted video to his Facebook page of his Saturday conversation with Atlanta Thrashers center Chris Thorburn. Thorburn made the rounds during what I'm told was a separate event in Stockbridge, posing for photos with kids, but sounded off to Lanford on the Atlanta Spirit Group's characteristically mysterious behavior throughout the team's impending sale and relocation. 

Players like Chris Mason and Anthony Stewart have expressed hope they'll soon find out what happens next, former Thrashers have gently suggested the team should've produced more winning seasons and former Atlanta Flames players have merrily teed off on the ASG, but Thorburn is the first current player to publicly take a shot.

His remarks, via Lanford's video:

Just for owners to turn their backs on you, it kind of makes you mad. Obviously we don't know every aspect of the deal and where they're coming from. It hasn't been publicly noted in the paper. From everything we've heard, from rumors that we've heard, it's discouraging just knowing that they're trying to dump us. That makes a guy mad.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.