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Would Atlanta Thrashers Move Be Good Or Bad For NHL Business?

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Here are a pair of perspectives from writers outside of Atlanta on what moving the Atlanta Thrashers north would mean for the NHL. The Toronto Sun's Chris Stevenson laments the unfortunate business of leaving North America's 10th-biggest TV market for a province with just over a million people in it, while NESN's Ricky Doyle seems to say moving the Thrashers to Canada will increase their road drawing power, which is among the league's worst.

Though of course we'd point out that if a team's road attendance correlates with its home attendance, perhaps the team's home fans may have a point about the product's quality after all. In fact, as NESN points out, the Thrashers' road attendance is even worse than that home attendance figure that we've been instructed to feel bad about.

Nobody in the NHL wants to pay to see the Thrashers; thus, Atlanta is a bad hockey town. Got it!

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