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True North: Relocated Atlanta Thrashers Team Name Still Undecided

Pretty sad that Atlanta Thrashers fans are hearing more about the progress of sale negotiations from the group that wants to buy the team than from the Atlanta Spirit Group, huh? Tuesday, True North's Scott Brown told Sports Radio 1290's Hustler & Lawless show as well as Reuters' Rod Nickel that the relocated team's name "has not been determined" yet, perhaps meaning "Winnipeg Jets" is still in play.

Last we'd heard, Winnipeg mayor Sam Katz declared the team would be called the Manitoba Something. We've still yet to figure out what a Something is, but Canadians have their traditions and we have ours. Probably the official province bird.

Seriously, the team is going to be called the Jets. They'd be foolish to get rid of all that goodwill. The Thrashers' fan's only dog in the fight is ensuring the franchise's Atlanta history -- such as the memory of Dan Snyder -- isn't thrown out during the relocation, which seems like it would be more likely if they're called the Jets than if they come up with a new name.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.