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NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman Denies Thrashers Move Is Official: 'May Not Happen'

Gary Bettman was on a local Tampa Bay radio station, WDAE, to discuss playoff hockey and the renaissance of the Tampa Bay Lightning (which he attributed to good ownership - irony alert). He did not specifically address the Thrashers issue until asked by a host. Keep in mind that Bettman is a lawyer, which is probably why his denial sounds like an affirmation to some, and his affirmation sounds like a denial to others:

"I think you’re being a tad presumptuous on what’s going on in Atlanta," Bettman said in response to a radio host’s comment that the Atlanta Thrashers are being moved to the Manitoba capital, as many reports suggest.

"Nobody’s announced anything and frankly if there is something going on nothing is going to happen until it actually happens, which means it may not happen," Bettman said during a telephone interview with WDAE radio in Tampa Bay, Florida.

"So I think people need to take a deep breath and pause," Bettman said.


So, what does this probably mean? Considering how lax Bettman has been in addressing the issue in any way, form, or fashion, who knows. Is it a perfect denial of a move? No. Does it give fans in the Peg a reason to stand up and cheer? Absolutely not.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.