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Atlanta Thrashers Sale 'Complete' With Announcement Coming Soon, Says Ken Campbell

Ken Campbell of the Hockey News is the latest to report that the Atlanta Thrashers have finally been sold to Winnipeg's True North group, though as far as I'm aware he's the first non-local media member to do so. He cites a source as saying the deal's final hurdle -- how that presumed $170 million sale price would be split up between the Atlanta Spirit Group and the NHL -- has been solved.

Campbell says Gary Bettman and crew wanted that relocation fee to reach as much as $70 million, while the ASG wanted it to be less than the $60 million everybody had assumed. It sounds like the ASG got its way, with $20 million of that hearty cut coming their way. (This could be a very important figure to keep in mind.)

Either way, it's worth noting again that relocation fees are not a common inclusion in NHL team moves. We'll still wait for word on when the official announcement is expected to happen.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.