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Don Waddell: Thrashers Sale Not Yet Complete, Despite Reports

The Hockey News' Ken Campbell and a couple other outlets are reporting the deal that would send the Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg is complete and just waiting to be announced. WSB-TV's Zach Klein, however, contacted Thrashers president Don Waddell to ask whether the news was true:

Just received text from #thrashers President Don Waddell - Asked him if deal to head to Winnipeg is complete.. "No it is not.."less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

Believe who you want to believe at this point -- Waddell or Ken Campbell or even Gary Bettman, who's sort of pretending nothing at all is happening. I'm going to sit and stare at a wall for five hours, which would make me feel smarter than this story is at this point. Stay tuned though!

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.