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Local Atlanta Thrashers Buyer Group Never Given Due Diligence, According To 11 Alive

A group aiming to buy the Atlanta Thrashers, Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena in 2010 was "never put through due diligence," according to a Wednesday report by 11 Alive. It's reportedly the group that featured Anson Carter, whose name has been emerging as a potential interested buyer since at least February 2011.

Earlier this week, Carter also appeared to publicly allege his group had offered the ASG $350 million, though it's hard to gain much information from a single tweet, such as exactly which properties were supposed to be involved, how far along negotiations may have gone and so forth.

A source of 11 Alive's Matt Pearl says Carter's group had "serious financial backing," a claim that, if true, could spark a storyline worth pursuing, especially now that it's being reported the Atlanta Spirit Group may be in the process of receiving $20 million of that estimated $60 million NHL relocation fee.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.