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Atlanta Thrashers Sale Announcement Not Yet Scheduled, Reports Chris Vivlamore

It's a slight addition to what we already know about the Atlanta Thrashers, but a noteworthy one. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Chris Vivlamore reports no announcement of the team's sale has been scheduled, meaning True North and the Atlanta Spirit Group haven't yet agreed with each other on when to announce the sale.

The deal has reportedly been completed, according to Canadian media, or is still nearing completion, according to Atlanta media, but either way, the announcement date reportedly remains up in the air even to those negotiating the deal.

Every week day from Tuesday of this week through next Friday has been reported at one point or another, I'm pretty sure. Wednesday was widely pointed to as a possible announce date, with a couple of independent media sources proclaiming the sale complete late Tuesday, but it looks like it will be Thursday at the absolute earliest.

Not quite sure what that eventual announcement will look like, but it will presumably come from True North itself. Don't expect the Atlanta Spirit Group to do much of anything but confirm the deal and take shots at the team's fanbase.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.