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Atlanta Thrashers Sale Won't Be Announced Until Tuesday At Earliest, Says Free Press

And the date of that long-awaited announcement of the Atlanta Thrashers being sold to True North and moved to Winnipeg just keeps getting pushed back. The Winnipeg Free Press reported Thursday night that such an announcement likely won't come until May 31 or June 1, a week or later after it was supposed to be announced according to the Globe and Mail's original report. 

Still, the sale could be wrapped up this week and announced Monday, even though it's a U.S. holiday.

We're drawing mighty close to the point at which the NHL needs to go ahead and finalize scheduling and so forth for the 2011-12 season -- in fact, based on the Phoenix Coyotes near-sale from 2009, we're already past it. Shouldn't everybody be feeling pressure from the impending deadline?

The lack of urgency in the few comments that have made their way out from Gary Bettman and the two negotiating parties suggests again that this deal has been an assumed conclusion for a while now.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.