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Anson Carter 'Decided Not To Proceed' With Atlanta Thrashers Purchase In Early 2011

Anson Carter, the former NHL player who was reportedly looking into buying the Atlanta Thrashers, Hawks and Philips Arena as far back as 2010 depending on what you read, has finally spoken on the matter for himself. In a statement, Carter said his group reached "preliminary discussions" in early 2011 with the Atlanta Spirit Group before deciding to "focus their interest on other markets."

Carter also says his group was formed in 2008 with the intent of buying the ASG's suite of sports properties.

In the post at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that features Carter's statement, Chris Vivlamore says the paper took a look at Carter "months ago," evidently finding the venture to be unlikely to amount to anything.

Vivlamore adds, as an apparent shot to WXIA, which reported Carter's Thrashers offer wasn't taken seriously by the ASG*, "For those who want to question the AJC’s 'investigation' of the issue, keep watching the television news." These are indeed tense times for us all, friends.

* A claim Carter himself seemed to imply via Twitter earlier in the week.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.