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Atlanta Thrashers Move Won't Finalize Until Tuesday Or Later, Says Chris Vivlamore

Atlanta Thrashers fans, it sounds like you have four more days to hang on to your NHL team. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Chris Vivlamore, who'd previously said the deal might drag into next week, now says a deal will not be finalized until after Memorial Day. This pegs an announcement for next Wednesday at the very earliest.

But what news will there be to cover for the next four days? How will we get our SB Nation-record-length StoryStream to 200 updates? Think of the StoryStream.

Don't you worry, friends. Former Atlanta Flames players will keep on hammering the Atlanta Spirit Group, various newspapers and TV stations and blogs and forums and AM radio hosts will keep reporting the deal is done for no good reason, Chris Mason will make another round of location-specific fan-friendly overtures and Atlanta media will keep reporting Atlanta buyers are being overlooked. And remember -- above all else -- the ASG is involved, so absolutely anything can happen.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.