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Jonathan Toews Weighs In On Atlanta Thrashers Relocation To Winnipeg

You can't accuse Jonathan Toews (AKA Captain Serious) of being unbiased. He's from Winnipeg, and he has a Manitoba lake named after him. He knows the excitement and passion for hockey in that city, so when he was up there for a recent charity function, he weighed in on the relocation rumors. He spoke to both the Winnipeg Free Press and the Winnipeg Sun newspapers.

From the Free Press:

"People here are starving for an NHL team," Toews said Saturday morning during a break from signing autographs at the Canadian Tire at Kenaston and McGillivray boulevards. "They would treat the players really well. Not everyone knows a lot about Winnipeg. The cold weather makes (players) nervous. They don't realize it now, but they'll enjoy it when they're here."

Of course, not satisfied with getting another city's team, the Winnipeg papers asked Toews if he'd like to play for the new, as yet to be named or even as yet to exist hockey team. Sure. Go on and have Chicago's captain, too. ALL YOUR HOCKEY ARE BELONG TO WINNIPEG.

To Toews' credit, he reiterated how much he enjoys Chicago.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.