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VIDEO: Thrashers' Eric Boulton Hopes 'Time Hasn't Run Out' On Atlanta

Thrashers enforcer Eric Boulton was at Brandsmart in Kennesaw yesterday to sign autographs and spread some Thrashers good-will. Apparently the radio conglomerate that owns 680, Q100, and 99X did not exactly promote the event (or maybe it's the terrible parking at that particular Brandsmart, or maybe it's because they were having an event at Brandsmart to start with), because crowds were sparse when I got there around 2:45. The longest line was the line for BBQ, and I think that might have been filled with Brandsmart employees.

There was still a loyal contingent of Thrashers fans there to welcome Boulton, though - and Buck Lanford of Fox5 was also there to get the unrestricted free agent's point of view on the kerfluffle. Keep in mind that Boulton is not under contract with the Thrashers for next season, so he had to be less direct than Chris Thorburn, who came as close to reaming the ownership of his team and the commissioner of the NHL as a professional hockey player can.

Boulton had this to say:

"The core group of hockey fans here is great and they are very passionate. We have to have a bit more success on the ice, and I don't blame the fans one bit here. If we had a little bit better leadership come from the top, and a little bit more security, I think we'd have a little more commitment to winning here and we'd be on the right track here. I just hope time hasn't run out here."


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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.