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Atlanta Thrashers For Sale For $110 Million, According to Forbes

In a recent blurb in his SportsMoney blog at, Mike Ozanian believes that the Thrashers will be sold for around $110 million, if they are sold as a separate entity from the Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena. Considering the fact that Forbes stated that the Thrashers are probably worth about $130 million, this is a pretty deep discount for any group, especially Tom Glavine’s possible group of investors.

It’s also a heavy discount for True North Enterprises. If the Coyotes don’t move to Winnipeg, Ozanian speculates that TNE would offer $170 million for the Thrashers; $60 million would be for a relocation fee.

Obviously, it’s far cheaper for local investors to purchase the team and keep it in Atlanta than it is for TNE to buy it and move it to Winnipeg. Of course, True North doesn’t care about the pricetag – they just want the team.

The Thrashers are debt free, though, which should make them more attractive to local owners who are concerned about the purchase.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.