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Atlanta Thrashers 'Likely' Announced Tuesday As Winnipeg's Team, Reports Sportsnet

Sportsnet echoed its own Nick Kypreos Monday in reporting the Atlanta Thrashers will "likely" be announced as Winnipeg's new NHL franchise Tuesday morning. Kypreos also specified 11 am ET, while True North has also reportedly told media and venue organizers to be ready to assemble in case an announcement is struck.

Based on Bob McKenzie's latest report, all we're waiting on is the Atlanta Spirit Group's lawyers to sign off on the deal, with True North's having already agreed to terms.

Canadian media outlets have appeared premature a couple times in reporting the announcement date, though of course they've had the gist of the story correct*. This is as united as its varied outlets have been, however, with TSN and CBC News also joining Sportsnet in pointing to Tuesday, with Wednesday as a fallback.

* And, also in their defense, Atlanta media hasn't broken much ground in the reporting of a likely announcement date. And national United States media has ... well, they showed up to take pictures of that last tailgate at the Gulch, but just let them know when the plane from Hartsfield actually touches down in Manitoba, thanks.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.