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True North: Tuesday Atlanta Thrashers Announcement Warning Was 'Blown Out Of Proportion'

True North has confirmed to Ted Wyman of the Winnipeg Sun and others that it did indeed tell local media and establishments to prepare for a potential Tuesday morning announcement of an Atlanta Thrashers importation. However, WXIA's Matt Pearl got TNSE to point out the notice has been "blown out of proportion" by media.

On the one hand, multiple outlets -- and common sense, for those who've been watching the story -- had already cited Tuesday morning as the likeliest announcement date even before True North's heads-up made the rounds, though most also mentioned Wednesday as a possibility, pending legal threads being tied up.

On the other ... yes, everything about this story will be blown out of proportion until the Thrashers have officially been renamed the Winnipeg Jets. I don't think anybody has based the conclusion that Tuesday is a very possible announcement date entirely on that True North comment, but it must be counted as evidence in favor of an impending announcement.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.