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Thrashers Move Has Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed Hitting The Phones All Of A Sudden

11 Alive reported Tuesday that Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed has been "on the phone all morning, trying to figure out a way to prevent" the Atlanta Thrashers from moving to Winnipeg. One would wonder whether the morning of the announcement would appear to be too little, too late, especially since Reed has already said the city won't be able to spend to keep the franchise and Reed even started looking forward to new and bigger things once the team leaves.

Reed caught hell from Thrashers fans for that last comment, so he's got to try and make it right by doing everything he can from this point on. There's likely nothing he can do, but it's on him to at least show that he's trying. He can't dip into Atlanta's strained budget, but he can attempt to rally business support for the team in a last-ditch effort.

Thrashers fans would prefer to see their mayor fight until June 21 at the very least, for however little it's actually worth, instead of throwing in the towel.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.