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Atlanta Spirit Group Sets Press Conference For 1 PM ET, Hasn't Told Ticket Reps Team Is Leaving

The Atlanta Spirit Group has scheduled a press conference for 1 pm ET, immediately after True North's own press conference, during which they'll likely talk about Joe Johnson leading the Atlanta Hawks into the second round of the NBA playoffs. The event can be streamed online live at (Update: It may not be a press conference; perhaps just an interview.)

What will they say? Remember, we're talking about people who have yet to inform their season ticket reps that the team is about to be announced as relocating to Winnipeg. That Puck Daddy link is 20 minutes old as of this posting. If you call the Thrashers right now, they will probably try to take your money for season tickets. You are agog.

It's a good thing this press conference won't solicit questions from Thrashers fans on Twitter, because I'm not prepared to shield my three-year-old daughter from that much carnage.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.