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Fans Around The NHL React To Atlanta Thrashers Relocation News

In case you've overslept, the Atlanta Thrashers were announced earlier Tuesday as Winnipeg's new NHL team. Thrashers fans at Bird Watchers Anonymous are understandably upset, but that particular thread is actually a little inspiring to read, as I think the bulk of it is fans from other teams with SB Nation communities stopping by to offer their condolences. That's one of the awesome things about our network, which already includes a Winnipeg team blog, sort of.

Plenty of other team communities had discussions of their own about the move, of course.

Other Southeastern fanbases expressed solidarity, with Canes Country explaining why Atlanta's loss is bigger than Winnipeg's gain and Litter Box Cats recommending "we keep our Bird Watchers Anonymous pals close at heart."

Up north and to the left a tad, Mile High Hockey highly approves of the move, but its comment section adds quite a bit of nuance in defense of Atlanta.

Canadian communities have been less distraught, but most have avoided doing too much hooting and crowing and making other bird sounds. Copper and Blue points out that the Thrashers will actually have some visibility around the league now (but I thought Atlanta was the only city that wasn't desperate to get a chance to watch the Thrashers?) as Blueshirt Banter describes the news as "bittersweet."

Which brings us to Silver Seven. There the move is trumpeted as the beginning of a great hockey exodus back to the motherland. Have fun up there, guys.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.