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Don Waddell, Atlanta Thrashers Apparently Parting Ways After Winnipeg Relocation

Don Waddell, who's held just about every position from janitor on up throughout the entire unsuccessful history of the Atlanta Thrashers, held a conference call with media Tuesday afternoon, a few hours after it had been announced by both True North and the Atlanta Spirit Group that the team will likely move to Winnipeg. Sean Fitzgerald of the National Post cites Waddell as saying he won't be moving to Winnipeg with the team.

He did say TNSE will interview current Thrashers staffers in hopes of keeping some of them employed with the franchise. He also reiterated ASG had been approached by "20" potential buyers, but that none of them had come through, and defended some of his personnel moves, such as the loss of Marian Hossa.

This might be the worst possible news for Thrashers fans. The team finally gets to attempt a season without Waddell at the helm of one or another department, and it's going to be in Canada. Good god.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.