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Evander Kane Speaks To Rogers SportsNet Regarding Move To Winnipeg

Considering that Evander Kane is Canadian, it stands to reason that he isn't horribly crushed about the Thrashers' impending move to Winnipeg. He is, however, much more judicious regarding his comments than Chris "gee golly Winnipeg!" Mason has been.

Kane had this to say regarding the move:

"I'm very excited about the opportunity. Anywhere in Canada, I'd love to go play. Going to Winnipeg with the Jets, they have a good tradition and history there," "Kane told Rogers Sportsnet on Tuesday. "I'm looking forward to renewing that and being a big part of it. I'm looking forward to that and getting this thing going."

He does also seem genuinely sad about the situation here in Atlanta, though. Even though he's trading anonymity in for being stalked in the supermarket, Kane had kind words for the fans.

"I think Atlanta was a non-traditional hockey market. I think that's the biggest thing. There wasn't a lot of people who knew a great deal about hockey, but there were people willing to learn," says Kane, when asked about the fan support in Atlanta. "We had a great group of core fans who came out to all of our games and some of our practices. I want to thank those people and thank the entire city for coming out and supporting myself and our entire team for the two years I was there. It's really disappointing for the Atlanta fans and myself to be leaving Atlanta so soon into my career."


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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.