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Falcons offense stagnant, Drew Brees just as bad

The Falcons defense picked Drew Brees off for a third time tonight, but Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense have scored just three points since halftime.

Atlanta up by 10 off impressive defensive effort

As the second half begins, Atlanta will look to extend its ten-point advantage and finally earn a convincing win for once.

Falcons up 14-0 off early running success

The Falcons came into tonight's game against the Saints with serious questions about their ability to run the football. But so far, Atlanta has erased any doubts as to whether it could keep the ball on the ground against New Orleans.

Falcons hope to stop potential Saints sweep

The Falcons learned several things in their first and only loss this season, which came at the hands of the hated Saints.

Falcons earn tough tenth win over hosting Bucs

You can call it ugly, or tough, or whatever. The Falcons have ten wins, and tighten an already strong grip on the division.

Falcons trailing Tampa in the fourth quarter

As this game enters the fourth quarter, the Falcons will look to put the lead back in their hands

Matt Bryant hook, strong defense keeps game tied

The Falcons were entirely posed to retake the lead in the waning seconds of the first half, but a rare Matt Bryant miss - a complete hookshot from 22 yards out, no less - kept this game tied at 10 points apiece at the half.

Jacquizz Rodgers, Doug Martin putting up points

After a Matt Bryant field goal early, Rodgers' scoring run in the second quarter has the Falcons up 10-7 in what has been a tight, offensively controlled game thus far.

Falcons pry a tough win away from hungry Cardinals

Among the laundry list of Falcons wins across the 2012 season, Atlanta's ninth win of the season over Arizona on Sunday might rank as the ugliest.

Falcons trail by field goal, try to prevent upset

The Cardinals are up 19-16 late, and Matt Ryan has thrown a career-high fourth interception at home in this potential upset game. What a weird day.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.