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Jon Kirk is a lifelong Atlantan, a third-generation Georgia Tech fan who celebrated the birth of the Falcons and the arrivals of the Braves and Hawks. He also enjoys hunting, camping, and motorsports. Jon lives in north metro Atlanta with his wife and tours the Southeast regularly for his day job, always wearing gold and white whenever near Clemson, Blacksburg, or Athens.

Lucius Sanford, Georgia Tech Football: The Greatest No. 89 In Georgia Sports History

Remembering Lucius Sanford, one of the best defenders in Georgia Tech football history.

For Paul Hewitt: An Open Letter From A Georgia Tech Basketball Fan

A Pair Of Forgotten Heroes From Georgia Tech And Georgia Football History

This football season has not turned out as planned for either local team. It might be a good time to appreciate a pair of largely unheralded names from happier times.

Helmet-To-Helmet Hits: Why College And NFL Coaches Owe Dunta Robinson $75,000

NFL defenders like Dunta Robinson can dominate on the field while minimizing their risk of injury or fines, if college and NFL coaches insist on good, old-fashioned tackling.

Remembering Georgia Tech Quarterback Ken Whisenhunt's 'Upset' Of Notre Dame

Before Ken Whisenhunt took the Cardinals to the Super Bowl or played tight end for the Falcons, he was called off the bench to lead the Jackets against the best team in the country.

Georgia Tech Schedule Preview: Five Most Must-Watch Games

The five games that no self-respecting Yellow Jacket can afford to miss in 2010. Miss these, and hold your head in shame while going back to work on Monday morning.

Atlanta Sports History: The Five Best, Worst, And Ugliest Moments

To be honest, most Atlanta sports history has been plenty "Worst and Ugliest" and not a lot of "Best." That's OK. That just means we have reason to appreciate the good even more.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.