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Who Cares That The Falcons Are Overrated?

The team that just visited the Georgia Dome is a great example of the reality that regular season performance does not dictate what will happen in January.

Don't Think Twice, It's Alright

Georgia lost on Saturday night, but in delivering a good performance against the best team in the country, Mark Richt and Aaron Murray should not have to apologize to anyone.

Aaron Murray & A.J. McCarron: Play Time Is Over

The SEC Championship Game will feature the nation's top two quarterbacks in terms of passer efficiency, but they have put up those numbers against mediocre schedules. Saturday will represent a big step up for both of them.

Georgia-Alabama: Coming to grips with being good

Mark Richt is an honorable man and a good coach. He also is not Nick Saban. We need to keep that little fact in mind when we prepare for Georgia's biggest game in three decades.

Failing Up: Maryland Leaves The ACC

Maryland's athletic department is a poster child for mismanagement. So of course the Big Ten decided that they had to get on that train.

BCS Silly Season, Starring Pierce and Wetzel

Two polemicists take aim at the BCS. Neither make sense. Both should have been at the Georgia Dome on Tuesday to see something that college football gets right.

What does Alabama's win over LSU mean for Georgia?

In the aftermath of an SEC classic, a tilt between the Tide and the Dawgs at the Dome is almost certain. So what did Saturday night teach us about that potential clash?

How do we put a value on Georgia's win?

Georgia got a huge victory against Florida on Saturday. Let's not overreact to the latest piece of evidence in evaluating where the program is right now.

UGA Vs. Florida: Four defining principles

The Gators are overrated, the Jacksonville factor is overrated, and none of that will matter if Mark Richt and the Georgia defense cannot break their patterns.

UGA Vs. South Carolina: Profiles in Underachieving

Georgia has been in the position of a three-game losing streak against a disadvantaged rival. Jim Donnan did not survive his skid against Georgia Tech. Will Mark Richt his losses to South Carolina?

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.