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Coming to the defense of Braves fans

Braves fans have been criticized before for not caring enough about October baseball. Does anyone care to revise that opinion now?

October, It Just Doesn't Matter

The Braves just finished a thoroughly satisfying season. Whatever happens today and in the days that follow, we should not lose sight of that fact.

The Dawgs, the Falcons, and endgame mistakes

Georgia's offense was put into hibernation in the fourth quarter on Saturday by Mark Richt and Mike Bobo, but that was only a light appetizer for the mental meltdown by all involved at the Georgia Dome yesterday

College Football and the NFL: Dictatorship Envy

The NFL has butchered the beginning of its season with its hard line against its referees, but I still find myself wanting the reassurance of an all-powerful ruler in college football.

Broncos Vs. Falcons: Why My View Of Keith Brooking Makes Me An Idiot

By either conventional or advanced stats, Keith Brooking was an unremarkable player. Color me uninterested by the fact that he returns to the Georgia Dome tonight.

Nick Saban, Lane Kiffin, and Post-Truth Football

Johnny Cash once asked "what is truth?" To many head coaches, the answer to that famous question is "whatever I say it is."

Why I'm Rooting For Missouri

The SEC needs a reminder that college offenses are not a bad thing. Its new members can teach that lesson.

Packaged Plays: An Offensive Innovation That Even Gary Danielson Can Appreciate

So the spread kills recruiting, huh? How about an offensive concept that Aaron Rodgers uses in the Packers' attack? Is that something that would work for you, Mike Bobo?

Walter White Does Not Approve Of The Royals

Jeff Francoeur and the importance (or lack thereof) of chemistry.

Chuck Thompson And His List Of 205 SEC Sympathizers Working For ESPN

Believe the results of BCS Championship Games and those pesky computer rankings at your own risk, sheeple.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.