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Atlanta Braves have big needs in offseason

The Atlanta Braves have some pressing questions in the offseason, including what to do with Martin Prado, Brian McCann, and new free agent Michael Bourn.

Mike Zarrilli - Getty Images

The Atlanta Braves have significant needs in the offseason, but those needs are manageable and can be met, says David O'Brien at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. O'Brien runs through a number of holes developing in the Braves' roster, and suggests means to patch those holes.

One of the the first things he suggests is moving Martin Prado to third base. Prado primarily played in left field for the Braves in 2012, but the season saw him spend 25 games at third base, 13 at shortstop, 10 at second base and four at third. At the plate, he went .301 with a .359 OBP and .438 slugging average, including 10 home runs and 70 RBIs.

O'Brien also recommends that the team exercise its option on Brian McCann, despite the fact that he will likely need surgery on his shoulder in the offseason. He also recommends they develop catching prospect Christian Bethancourt and sign David Ross, in case McCann's decline picks up speed.

Michael Bourn enters free agency this offseason, and O'Brien suggests that the Braves keep their offers reasonable and look for options on the market, specifically pursuing Angel Pagan.

With the Braves' 2012 season ending like it did, a few smart changes to the roster could see a much better outcome in 2013.

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