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Cardinals vs. Braves: Rob Neyer on Kris Medlen's season

SB Nation's MLB editor Rob Neyer writes that history won't remember Kris Medlen's season because he hasn't played enough innings for his astounding statistics to qualify for the records. But for those who paid attention, here's some perspective.

Scott Cunningham - Getty Images

SB Nation's MLB editor Rob Neyer wrote that history won't remember what Kris Medlen did this season because of the time the young pitcher missed out on. But Neyer also says it isn't history we're talking about at the moment, and right now what Medlen is doing is outstanding.

Medlen started out in the Braves' bullpen while still recovering from Tommy John surgery that caused him to miss most of the 2011 season. His stats: .909 winning percentage, 0.4 home runs allowed per nine innings, and a 1.57 ERA. Medlen would lead the National League in those statistical categories if his 138 innings pitched met the 162-inning required threshold for percentage rankings. He would also rank second in strikeout-to-walk ratio.

This, from Neyer:

But what if talk of an extra 24 innings doesn't interest you? What if hypothetical statistical achievements leave you cold? Well, then consider this: Kris Medlen's Atlanta Braves have won each of the last 23 games he has started, which is the longest streak in the major leagues since at least 1921. That streak, of course, includes all 12 games Medlen has started this season.

Medlen will start for the Braves in the one-game Wild Card playoff against the St. Louis Cardinals Friday. The Cardinals are coming off a World Series Championship season.

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