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2012 MLB Playoffs: Atlanta Braves consensus pick in Baseball Nation predictions

Baseball Nation weighs in with their predictions for the 2012 playoffs. Three writers have the A's winning it all, so check it out see see how the Braves and the rest of the field shake out.

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MLB playoffs predictions are available from Rob Neyer, Grant Brisbee and the rest of the crew over at Baseball Nation, and in the NL Wild Card single-game playoff between the Braves and the Cardinals, the Braves are the favored pick. Four of the six writers making picks take Atlanta to win and continue on in the playoffs, with just Grant Brisbee and Jim Baker picking St. Louis to win.

Elsewhere in the playoffs, the Texas Rangers are the consensus pick in their single-game playoff with the Baltimore Orioles. The crew is split in many of the other series. Half of the writers see the San Francisco Giants winning thier series with the Cincinnati Reds, and a similar three-three split is seen in calling the winner of the Nationals vs. the NL Wild Card team. The Yankees are a near unanimous pick in the ALDS, and of the rest of the teams in the field the Oakland Athletics seem to get the biggest vote of confidence, with three writers picking them to win the whole thing.

Head over to Baseball Nation to check out the full slate of 2012 MLB playoff predictions.

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