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Cardinals vs. Braves reaction: Blame for loss lies elsewhere from 8th inning call

The Atlanta Braves were the victims of a questionable call in the eighth inning of the NL Wild Card play-in game, but as Braves blog Talking Chop points out, a lot more than that went into deciding the game.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

The Atlanta Braves lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in the NL Wild Card play-in game, 6-3. Much of the discussion about the game is bound to focus on the eighth-inning infield fly rule call, but that's not where the focus was at SB Nation's Braves blog Talking Chop.

Instead, they focus on what the Braves could have done to avoid that situation in the first place, namely to avoid errors earlier in the game:

The first and critical blow came in the fourth inning, as a double-play chance was thrown into left field by [Chipper] Jones, eventually resulting in two unearned runs.

The errors weren't over for the Braves, as bobbles and wide throws by both Dan Uggla and Andrelton Simmons in the seventh inning cost the Braves two more unearned runs. Those errors chased starting pitcher Kris Medlen, who only allowed three hits and no walks in six and a third innings. He deserved a better fate for his quality outing.

Check out the full post over at Talking Chop for more on the game, including commentary on the fateful call.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.