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Cardinals vs. Braves: Kris Medlen reacts to NL Wild Card loss

Atlanta Braves pitcher Kris Medlen reacts after the Wild Card loss to the St. Louis Cardinals.

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

Atlanta Braves starter Kris Medlen, who suffered the loss as the Braves fell to the St. Louis Cardinals in the NL Wild Card one-game playoff, reacted following the contest.

The controversial infield fly call was still on Medlen's mind. His thoughts on the play, via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

"I saw it. It happened. But I just keep going back to ... I'm not a finger-pointer. We didn't play well today. Obviously that call is magnified by the situation. But if we make plays earlier, if I make better pitches earlier, it's a different game. It's easy to point fingers. Was it a bad call? I'll leave you guys to decide that. I just think we could have put ourselves in a better situation."

Despite having home-field advantage after edging the Cardinals (88-74) in the regular season Wild Card standings, the Braves (94-68) were unable to capitalize and move on to the NLDS.

Medlen, however, felt the one-game playoff was good for baseball and felt the Cardinals "were the better team today."

On Chipper Jones' final game, Medlen echoed the sentiments of his teammates, saying, "It sucks for him to have to go out like this."

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.