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Braves offseason 2012: Frank Wren to make decisions on CF, 3B

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The Atlanta Braves won't have as busy an offseason as they have in the past. Management is confident in what the team has going into the 2013 season.

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Aside from a couple of positions that will either require replacements or re-evaluation, the Atlanta Braves feel like their team is pretty solid heading into 2013. This past season ended in disappointment with the Braves dropping their one-game playoff to the St. Louis Cardinals after committing three errors and watching an infield fly rule call work opposite of their favor.

But the main priorities this offseason are figuring out how to replace Chipper Jones after the 19-year veteran's retirement and what to do in center field. Do the Braves re-sign Michael Bourn, or do they move on? The options at third base: go out and sign one, or move Martin Prado over and sign an outfielder.

General manager Frank Wren had this to say to David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

"I think the exciting part for all of us is we've got a dynamic young core. We had three young guys that were in that lineup [Friday] that have a chance to be All-Star players and have a chance to be leaders of this team for a long time. Our bullpen's intact, our starting rotation's intact. There's a lot of things that are real positive going into next year.

"And guys are going to get better. We've got a very young pitching staff, and we've got some pitchers who are just on the horizon who have a chance to be good. I'm very, very optimistic about where we sit as a franchise, with the thought of adding a couple of key pieces."

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