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2012 MLB Winter Meeting: Braves in search of LF

Acquiring a left fielder is the top priority for Atlanta Braves general manager Frank Wren at the MLB Winter Meetings.

Kevin C. Cox

After signing center fielder B.J. Upton last week, the Atlanta Braves turn their attention to left field as the MLB Winter Meetings kick off on Monday. The Braves had been targeting Denard Span, but that option went out the window when he was traded from Minnesota to Washington.

While Span is no longer on the board, Braves general manager Frank Wren says there are still plenty of options out there (via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution):

"I think there's other options out there," said Braves general manager Frank Wren, who arrived in Nashville with his top assistants on Sunday. "We'll have a good chance to evaluate all of them because now we're down to very few needs."

Some other players currently on the market include Shane Victorino, Ryan Ludwick and Cody Ross. Angel Pagan could also be an option if he chooses to leave San Francisco, but there would be questions about whether he would be willing to switch from center field to left field.

Atlanta could potentially look to deal for an outfielder, such as B.J.'s younger brother Justin Upton, but the price could be far too high. Josh Willingham is also an attractive option, but there are no indications that Minnesota is willing to deal him.

Ichiro Suzuki is also available and could fill the lead-off void left by Michael Bourn.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.