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Raiders Vs. Falcons, Week 6: Mike Smith not happy with performance, relieved to get to bye week

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Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith spoke to the media following his team's 23-20 win over the Oakland Raiders, and he wasn't terribly happy with how the team played, despite coming away with a win.

Scott Cunningham - Getty Images

Falcons head coach Mike Smith spoke with the press after the team's 23-20 win over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, and while he wasn't pleased with his team's performance, he was happy to escape with a win. Here are some of the highlights of his statements to the media. You can read the whole transcript here.

On the team's general performance:

"Our goal all week was to get through this game and get to our bye week 6-0, that was the mission. Obviously, we didn't want to make it as hard as we did. We made a lot of mistakes in the ball game, Offense, defense, special teams and coaching, but we were able to overcome all of that. We did some very uncharacteristic things in the first half. I was really pleased with the defense play in the second half with the string of punts, touchdown return for an interception and we were just worn out and did not play that last tying drive very well."

On Matt Bryant's game winning kick:

"I said it many times: He's got ice water in his veins. We have an agreement that if they are going to ice you, we are going to kick the ball to get a practice. He did it even though the kick was blown dead really early. Got a shot at it, he made a great adjustment and he just knows how to kick those game winners. He is an key part of our football team and the success that we have had so far."

On the team entering the bye week:

"It's good that we got some time off because we have a long list of guys that are banged up right now."

The Falcons next play on Oct. 28th, when they travel to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles.

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